Babysitting Games Online For Girls !

Pretending that you are a mother with a baby is one of the girl games played by so many little girls in the world. This girl game only requires your imagination as you do not necessarily have to own a baby doll. There are things that you can use as your "baby". A pillow is what most kids who do not have a doll use as their baby.

They can dress up the baby, feed him and cradle to sleep. There are dolls that are like a real baby. They can be fed, you can change their diapers and they even cry. These dolls can be a bit expensive but they are worth it since it is like owning a real baby.

This can be played even when you are alone as this is only a pretend game. Baby sitting games is just one of the games that can be played that does not limit you. You can use your own clothes when playing this game and still have fun. You can also ask help from your mother to sew new clothes for your baby if you are using a real doll.

Playing babysitting games with your friends is also possible. Each of you can bring your own baby and play pretend that you are all mothers busy taking care of your baby. You can feed them, change their diapers and clothes and also cradle them. You can even pretend that one of your friends is a doctor and have your baby checked with her to make sure that she is healthy.

This is mostly based on your own mother. This game is mostly played by girls who have younger baby brother or sister and do the things that her mother do. These girls copy what their mother do to take care of her new baby.

Babysitting girl games can also be played online. You can choose from a variety of websites that host girl games. Online babysitting game is just like taking care of a real baby. The baby here really cries when he is hungry, when he has wet his diapers and when he wants to sleep. You can feed the baby, change the diaper and put him to sleep so that he stops crying.

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